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Power and grace

Welcome to the Concord Kung Fu Academy® web site. Concord means harmony and/or balance. At the academy we teach the traditional Chinese Martial Arts of Choy Li Fut (Cai Li Fo) Kung Fu, Yang Tai Chi Chuan, and Lion Dancing offering a balanced training program.

What sets us apart from other martial arts schools in the area:

  • Customized Private Lessons at No Extra Cost
  • Unlimited Group Classes
  • Certified and Professional Instructors
  • Most extensive curriculum in the area
  • Authentic Choy Li Fut descended directly from the Founder, Chan Heung

The one-on-one training method allows students to excel and achieve their goals.

Take our introductory lesson to start your journey toward a healthier and well balanced lifestyle.

We are located near the center of the Clayton Valley Shopping Center. The Academy faces Ross Dress for Less, CVS/pharmacy and Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH).

Member of the Plum Blossom International Federation of Choy Li Fut & Tai Chi Chuan

This worldwide Federation was founded by Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong and has over 300 schools worldwide. The Concord Kung Fu Academy, under the direction of Sifu Evelina Lengyel, is reviewed annually ensuring that we adhere to the proper instruction of Choy Li Fut (Cai Li Fo) Kung Fu and Yang Tai Chi Chuan.

Plum Blossom International Federation Member

We are also a member of Great Grandmaster Wong Gong's Choy Li Fut (Cai Li Fo) Kung Fu Association of Jiang Men City, China.

Enhance Your Training!

Choy Li Fut is the Cantonese name of this southern kung Fu system. It is known as Cai Li Fo in Mandarin.

2004 - Instructor of the Year - Chinese Arts Sifu Evelina Lengyel inducted into the U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

First World Traditional Wushu Festival - 2004 International competition in China with 2,800 competitors from around the world compete. The CKFA contingent of the Plum Blossom Team brought home 1 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze.

2005 - Coach of the Year — Instructor of the Year — Outstanding Male Kung Fu Forms The CKFA "Team" of Instructors receive multiple awards from the U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Training for Life Extensive curriculum.

2006 - 200th Anniversary Celebration and Ribbon Cutting Sifu Evelina Lengyel and her staff were invited to perform at the 200th Anniversary celebration of Chan Heung, the Founder of Choy Li Fut Kung Fu, in Jiangmen, China. This was also a ribbon-cutting and dedication ceremony for the museum of the Founder's house.

Celebration in Chan Heung's Original Training Hall - 2006 Following the ribbon-cutting ceremony, celebrations continued within the training hall.

Benefits of Kung Fu & Tai Chi Physical activity is of great benefit to all.

Martial Arts for All Ages Programs for 4 to 77 years young.

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